Todd Plesco

Todd Plesco
former Ann Arbor Resident;
Security Officer for Public Health Seattle & King County

Tottered on: 1 February 2006
Temperature: NA
Ceiling: NA
Ground: NA
Wind: NA

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Huron River Watershed Council

The mission of the Council is to inspire attitudes, behaviors, and economies that protect, rehabilitate, and sustain the Huron River system.

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The Old Town is a great place to hear live music in Ann Arbor--every Sunday night from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. Sunday Music at the Old Town features diverse local talent.

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Roos Roast Coffee

John Roos roasts every batch of coffee by hand, and bags it up in a block-printed bag with his own hand-crafted designs. So inside and out, every bag is a work of art. If you want to buy coffee and get free bicycle delivery in Ann Arbor, John Roos is your man.

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TT with HD: Todd Plesco

When's the last time you rode a teeter totter?

I was on a seesaw in Bucharest this past October. It was a gift from Michael Jackson to the chidren of Romania sometime in the 1980's. There was an ironic state of disrepair to all of the equipment in that park. The park sits across the boulevard from the Victory Arch.

What's your favorite piece of playground equipment?

I like the cement turtle. You can sit on it, or hide under it, or just sit in front of it.

What have you been working really hard on?

I've recently acquired the responsibility of Security Officer for Public Health Seattle & King County. I have oversight of HIPAA security safeguards surrounding sensitive health information for about 1.7 million residents. The data may include simple vital statistics (birth & death certificate) or very complete defib info maintained by our EMS division. The variables for physical, technical, and administrative safeguards are profound and a wonderful challenge.

Who do you wish City Council would listen to more/less?


What'd you do on your summer vacation?

We spent 10 days in Romania. The first half was at my wife's godmother's apartment in Bucharest and the latter part we spent in the Carpathian Mountains in Sinaia.

Zone or man-to-man?

Say again?

Yost or the Big House?

My first residence in Ann Arbor was in a house rental on Dewey near Yost.

What do you hate about living here?

When I did live "here", I despised the shortage of 7-11 and White Castle great unwashed convenience.

Anybody you'd like to vote off the Ann Arbor Island?

The abolition of any references to Jeff Daniels would be quite welcome.

What's your next car going to be?

I'm currently commuting via Sound Transit bus. As a county employee, the bus is free. My wife drives a recently purchased 2005 Impala. If I decide to get a vehicle, it will likely be a "project" sailboat from the "free" section of

Got any splinters, yet?

We recently switched our toilet seats out for plastic ones. The paint doesn't wear off as easily after 40 years.

What local personality would you like to get five minutes with?

I would like to have coffee with Soultrain from the Washtenaw Denny's. We used to have chats every other day about 10 years ago.

What kind of TV programming are you watching these days?

I'm an avid watcher of Family Feud at 7:30pm each evening. Beyond that, television should only be used to heat your home.

When can we look forward to your blog?

My blog should be off the assembly line sometime in March 2006. Keep your eye on my site

Extra point to tie or two-point conversion to win?

Grande Americano with sugar free vanilla and an inch of cold soy, please. I'm in Seattle now.

Snow blower or shovel?

Compact bumbershoot from the dollar store. We recently had 28 straight days of rain.

First job? Worst job?

Across the street from my childhood home was a professional auto repair shop. On one end was a hand car wash. I passed it on my way home from school every day until age 13 when I finally went in and asked for the work. It paid 50 cents a car plus tips. My worst job lasted 1 hour. It was 1992 and I had recently separated from the USMC. I am a veteran of Desert Storm and served in Kuwait in 1991. I'd been living in Ann Arbor and needed employment. I was sent to a metal stamping plant in Chelsea by Manpower. The machine they trained me on was identical in the loud clunk and boing of an M16/A2 rifle buffer spring. Bagel factory was my 2nd choice and a great haven.

What makes you think the terrorists haven't won?

He only has two more years in public office.

What question do you wish people would ask you?

Would you like to meet for lunch?

What's underrated/overrated in this town?

Ann Arbor's job market for minimum wage earners is way underrated. The water in Ann Arbor is way overrated.