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I spend a lot of time teeter tottering And people say some pretty interesting things while riding my teeter totter. Above is a sampling. Click on the big HD in the left hand corner for details on that enterprise.

But if you arrived here hoping to find some information about how to build your own teeter totter, you're in the right place.



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How to Build a Teeter Totter

Here's some photographs of a teeter totter I built for an interview website called Teeter Talk. It's designed to accommodate at least an adult-sized person on either end. It can probably take more weight than that.

What follows below is not a step-by-step set of instructions. That might come later. For now I focussed on getting some decent photographic illustrations with a couple of notes.

Assembled teeter totter.

The main span disassembles from the base. The main span is approximately 12' long by 9" wide by 2" thick. Main span is reinforced in a T-configuration with a 2 x 4. Construction technique: draw lines exactly where the 2 x 4 should fall; tack nails in main span to force it true; drill holes for through-bolts in tacked configuration.

Grain for Hemlock Fir was chosen to be vertical to the load. Edges of board routed with round-over bit for rider comfort.

Construction technique: use washers (not visible in photo, but it's there) and countersink. Through-bolts plus yellow wood glue.

Round heads of carriage bolts will seat into wood without requiring counter-sinking.

Center of span is re-inforced on each side with two thickness of 2 x 4 laminated together. Construction technique: drill large holes exactly on edge with spade bit and drill guide (or press).

Glavanized steel pipe cut to length by local hardware store. This outer sleeve does not rotate against the wood. Construction technique: heavy-duty construction adhesive (in the caulking aisle at your local hardware store) plus wood inserts and bolts.

Galvanized steel pipe cut to desired length and threaded at local hardware store. Design element: feet at extreme points contribute to stability.

Wood laminated to desired thickness.

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